We are proud to partner with Valo Motion to present the first-ever Global Jumpball Competition. 

Jumpball is our exhilarating mixed reality (XR) video game, which is played while jumping on a trampoline! Check out the video to see exactly what we mean… We are inviting all and everyone to part take in this competition, where the best video will be rewarded handsomely!

How to participate:

  1. Go to your nearest ValoJump location and play Jumpball’s single or two-player game.

  2. Go to the ValoJump touchscreen to type in your email address to receive your game video and share your Jumpball video on social media.

  3. Choosing the winner: The winner will be announced during the second week of January 2021.

  4. PRO-TIP: Each time you share a new video on social media you get a new entry to the competition. 

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Starts December 1st

Cash Prizes

New Pro Gymnast Video Game

Walaber Entertainment

Competition Begins Dec. 18th


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Online Contests

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The FTA will be bringing the community a new series of on-line contests for a chance to win some NEW FTA MERCH. 
Details coming soon!! 

BERG #GRTjunior Mentorship Program

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