The FTA began in 2017, based on popular demand from the athletes who are building this new Freestyle sport on their own. The FTA has created an Playlist called the GRT Network that will provide beginner level skills as well as safety information free of charge. For a nominal yearly membership fee the FTA will provide higher level skill progression tutorials for the more serious athlete who may be attempting to take their training to the next level. The GRT Network training playlist is full of both traditional and freestyle tutorials and educational content from our network of clients and supporters from across the globe. Any acrobatic athlete can utilize these videos to learn step-by-step, from the Circus Arts to Olympic Trampoline to Parkour, Gtramp and even students in Psychology or Exercise Science studies. The App is just one of the many ways the FTA is trying to help this community and sport have a handle on knowledge and safety concepts related to training and development of their sport.